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Modelling CP Rail's Sudbury Division in the 1970s

Territory Map of our Layout

Click on place names in the diagram above to see photos of those locations.

Track Plan

This plan shows what is being built as the Waterloo Region Model Railway Club's model of the Sudbury Division of the CPR in the 1970s. Each dot on the layout map above represents a modelled scene or operational point. Thicker lines represent sidings and/or double track sections. Click on place names on the map to see images of that location on our layout. (Note: as construction progresses and more scenery is completed, more place names will become clickable. For now, try Sudbury and Nairn.)

As of Summer 2003 the Webbwood Sub mainline is in and operating, the Little Current Sub is represented by a staging yard, and the Cartier Sub mainline terminates in staging on either side of Sudbury. The helices connecting Romford to Sudbury and the Parry Sound/Toronto staging yard is complete.

As of Spring 2007 we are beginning a push to extend the mainline eastward from Romford to Stinson and westward from Sudbury to Flanagan. A new temporary staging yard will be installed as we complete scenery and build helixes to the next level. All of the spurs off the Webbwood subdivision are being completed.

As of Summer 2012 the junction at Romford has been completely rebuilt to replace a temporary arrangement with the final junction trackwork, new shelving built along both sides of the Romford aisle and roadbed has been completed from Sprecher to Stinson. Trackwork is progressing from Romford towards Stinson and Sudbury to Sprecher, and scenery work is underway at Romford, Coniston and Wanapitei. A new staging yard for the INCO interchange at Clarabelle is almost complete Side projects along the Webbwood subdivision have taken a lower priority, but the Crean Hill mine spur has been connected, scenery work has been restarted at Pineland, and new switches and trackwork at the west end of the new yard and engine facility at Sudbury are also being finished off. Our main project for the summer and fall of 2012 is completing the trackwork out to Sprecher and Stinson. In order to provide a continous running option for open house and layout tour days, we are planning to install temporary reversing loops at each end (Sprecher and Stinson) while allowing construction to continue on to the next level. Compare the diagram below illustrating the temporary connections to "Level 2" of the track plan above.

Track Diagram of temporary return loops

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